Dept. of Political Science & International Studies 


Career Tracks upon Graduation

Graduates from the Dept. of Political Sciences and International Studies can go into many different paths of career. After graduation, one can enter the graduate school and work as a professor or researcher at a university or at a research center or become a diplomat or other public official by taking various national examination, a journalist at a press, or a full‐time politician as a member of National Assembly or City Council. Others can work for political parties, general enterprise, international organization, civic group, etc.


Prospects and Visions

- Establish courses so that students can foster capabilities that enable them to evaluate and analyze general
  (domestic) politics and international relations scientifically and encourage academic activities.

- Encourage joint lecture with related organizations such as self‐governing body, press and international organization, 
  practical exercise and internship that connect with political sciences and international studies.

- Develop approaching method and domain to target and implement the objective of characterization to improve 
  competitiveness. Make connection with the Dept. of Northeast Asia to foster global leaders and experts in Northeast