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Leave of Absence and Returning

Application Method Documents Cautionary Measures
Before the 1/3 line
of school days
After the 1/3 line of school days
Leave of Absence General
(Within 2 semesters)
Apply online
System>Leave of Absence>
Search>Attach documents>
NO NONE Freshmen are not allowed to take
Leave of Absence
except for military leave.
Childbirth or Childbearing
(Within 2 semesters)
Application form Certificate of diagnosis from
the general hospital for more than 4 weeks.
Military Service Apply online Letter of Enlistment
Extension of Leave of Absence NO NONE Extension up to 2 semesters for 1 time only
Returning General NO NONE
Military NO Military release certificate
Cancellation General Leave of Absence Application form NO NONE
Leave of Absence due to Military service Application form NO Re-exam certificate
Returning Application form NO NONE