Professor Jong-wan Hu and the research team issues their journal on 'Steel and Composite Structures' 2 years in a row.

 Professor Jong-wan Hu and the research team, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, issues their journal on "Steel and Composite Structures" 2 years in a row.  

"Steel and Composite Structures", whom approved to issue Professor Hu's paper, has the highest IF(IF=3.899) among SCI level journals, as the best journal in the field. Professor Hu has also issued his paper in 2018.

 The topic of the thesis is "Research on Non-linear Movement of New Smart Damper with Fractional Device". The paper proved the seismic performance of new vibration-controlling damper device that could operate self-healing and recentering without rarely causing damage. The technology discovered 'smart' material that can act by-itself during the outer stimulus situation, and applied to the core piece in the damper device, which directly deals with the load of earthquake. Accordingly, despite the outbreak of intense earthquake, the system recovers by itself, which cuts a lot of cost of maintaining and repairing the device. This newly introduced technology will complement the problem of existing technology and remarkably enhance the function to become the promising technology in the seismic design field in the future. 

Professor Hu participated as the corresponding author. He obtained the doctorate in 2008 from Georgia Institute of Technology. Through his experience in Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning(KISTEP), he became the professor of INU in 2012. Professor Hu has written 107 SCI-level thesis paper and owns about 50 patent nationally and internationally. The first author, Dr. Naudia M. Mirzai is performing research as the intern researcher in Professor Hu's team.