I sincerely welcome you to Incheon National University.

Incheon National University, which began its history as a private university in Incheon since 1979 is the only university in South Korea that developed into a national corporate university in 2013. Also, our university is an effort of student activism in South Korea along with university members and Incheon citizens.

Incheon National University is aiming for becoming “The only university” in competition with others, not “The Best university”. In the field of education, we endeavor to develop a variety of innovation programs, including "Matrix College", where companies design and offer curricula to nurture the talent needed in the industry. In the field of research, we are attempting to "Focused Research University" in research that focuses on specific areas and conducts convergence research in conjunction with its major. Furthermore, we are striving to promote national spirit by discovering an army raised in the cause of justice soldiers who were active at the end of the Korean War and applying for rewards.

In the future, Incheon National University will strive toward becoming a university that trains talented people from around the world to become future leaders, who have the knowledge needed for the new era, and who fill our society with love through sharing and service. Thank you.

Acting President, Incheon National University

Yang, Woon Geun