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INU welcomes students from all over the world.

INU is one of Korea's premier universities and our commitment to preparing global leaders makes INU a great place to study for students from all around the world. Get started by downloading and carefully reviewing the admissions guide by clicking on the button below.

  • Choose a program of study.
  • Know submission dates & deadlines.
  • Check requirements & eligibility.
  • Prepare required documents.
  • Follow the directions.
  • File your application on time.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Attend your interview if needed.
  • Check to see if you are accepted.
  • Register and pay tuition.

INU Scholarship Guide at a Glance (Undergraduate Program)

1. Merit-based scholarship (General Foreign Students)
■ Freshman/Transfer Students
TOPIK IELTS TOEIC TOEFL(iBT) Amount of Scholarship
Level 6 7.0 800 94 70% of tuition fee
Level 5 6.5 750 87 50% of tuition fee
Level 4 6.0 700 82 30% of tuition fee
■ Enrolled Students
GPA of Last Semester Amount of
4.2 or above 100% of
tuition fee
4.0 or above 85% of
tuition fee
3.5 or above 50% of
tuition fee
3.0 or above 30% of
tuition fee

※ Scholarship based on the language proficiency and GPA.

Steps for Admission

After you select your graduate program, the first step is to complete and submit your application along with all of the required documents by the deadline. You will then need to check the Graduate School's website to see if you have been accepted. Finally, after you are accepted, login to the INU Portal to register for classes, print your invoice and pay your tuition fee during the registration period, which is usually the week prior to the start of the semester.
Procedure 2021 Notes
2021 Spring semester 2021 Fall semester
Online Application Submission

Sept. 21(Mon) ~ Nov. 13(Fri), 2020

Mar. 22(Mon) ~ May 21(Fri), 2021

- Fill out the online application.
- http://admission.inu.ac.kr
Submission of Required Documents

Sept. 21(Mon) ~ Nov. 13(Fri), 2020

Mar. 22(Mon) ~ May 21(Fri), 2021

- Submit the Application Documents via registered mail or in person.
Document Assesment/ Interview Nov 23(Mon) ~ Dec. 16(Wed), 2020 May 31(Mon) ~ June 23(Wed), 2021 - Interviews are conducted at either the Songdo campus or through Skype. (Mark your preference on the online application form.)
- Interview Notices are posted on the INU website.
Announcement of Admissions Dec. 24(Thu), 2020 July 2(Fri), 2021 The Announcement of Admissions notices are posted on the Admissions Office of INU website.
※ Individual notifications are not provided.
Tuition Payment Jan. 11(Mon) ~ Jan. 14(Thu), 2021 July 2021 - The tuition bill is available on the "Announcement of Admissions" website page
Start of Semester March 2, 2021 Sept. 2021

Preparing Your Application

Before you apply, make sure you throughly understand and meet the minimum admission requirements as outlined in the complete International Student Admissions Guide that is also summarized below.
1. Nationality
Both the applicant and his/her parents must be foreign nationals from birth.
If the student and his/her parents are of foreign nationality before receiving the education stage equivalent to high school curriculum in South Korea, he/she can apply
2. Academic requirement
International students must have completed or expect to complete their high school education in either Korea or abroad or must have attained an equivalent level of education under the related laws.
※ Home-schooling, cyber learning, and adult education are not recognized as academic backgrounds.
3.Language requirement

A. Korean Language Proficiency (Korean Track):
Applicants must meet one of the following conditions :
   1) TOPIK Level 3 or above
   2) Complete the INU Language Center (Korean Language Course Level 4 or above)
   3) Pass the INU Korean Proficiency Test
※ Applicants for Korean Language and Literature or Korean Trade & Commerce majors need a TOPIK level 4 certification or above.
※ In the case of applying for the transfer, Topik level should be overed 4 or higher.

B. English Proficiency (English Track): ONLY for applicants of the Korean Trade & Commerce major and Public Administration
   - TOEFL IBT 75, TOEIC 700, IELTS 5.5, PETS Level 4 or above.
※ Students from countries where English is an mother tongue are exempt from this requirement.
English-native Countries : Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, or South Africa

Gather Your Supporting Documents

In addition to the your general application, you need to submit the supporting documents listed below with your application in order to be considered for undergraduate admission.
1. Completed INU Application, Letter of Consent, Scholarship and Academic Qualifications forms included in the International Student Admissions Guide.

2. Apostille authenticated or consulate legalization copies of High School Diploma and Transcripts from issuing institution. For Chinese graduates, submit credentials report from www.cdgdc.edu.cn. For transfer students, copies of diploma and transcripts from university attended.

3. Translated and notarized copy (in Korean or English) of the certificates issued by your home country/state which is equivalent to a birth certificate or other documents which prove applicant’s family relationship. In the case where parents/guardians are divorced or deceased, submit a notarized copy of the official proof documentation..

4. For applicants who live in Korea, provide copies of: 1) Immigration Certificate, 2) Alien Registration Card (front and back) and 3) Certificate of Entry and Departure record.

5. Copy of National ID Card / Drivers License (Parents and Applicant) and copy of Passport (Applicant).

6. Record of Bank Balance. The applicant must submit a certificate of a bank balance of more than USD 20,000 or equivalent in the name of the financial sponsor (a parent) or the applicant that is dated within 1 month before the application.

7. Translated and notarized copy (in Korean or English) of parents’, applicant’s and spouse’s proof of employment and certificates of income or filed tax forms for the most recent year.

8. Certificate of Korean Proficiency (TOPIK Level 3 or Higher, INUKLI Level 4 or Higher or INU Korean Proficiency Test Level 3 or Higher). Or, for international programs delivered in English like the School of Northeast Asian Studies (SONAS), English language proficiency requirement (TOEFL-iBT 75, TOEIC-750, IELTS-5.5 or higher) if you did not graduate from an English-language high school.

9. Two color Photos (3cm x 4cm)...attach one to the Application Form and enclose the other.
10. Income Verification. If applying for a needs-based scholarship, translated and notarized copy (in Korean or English) of parents’, applicant’s and spouse’s proof of employment and certificates of income or filed tax forms for the most recent year.

Before applying, please read the following guidance.

Full instructions appear in the International Student Admissions Guide, but below are some important notes that may address some of your questions and help you apply.
An applicant must submit originals of all supporting documents. If originals cannot be submitted, copies can be submitted but they must have been certified as true copies of the original by the Admission Team at Incheon National University upon submission.
Any official documents written in a language other than Korean, English or Chinese must be translated into Korean or English by an accredited translator.
If any information on an application form or other submitted documents are found to be false, or if the applicant uses unfair means to obtain admission, the application will be automatically disqualified.
If an applicant’s family relationship needs to be confirmed (parents’ divorce, parents’ death and etc.) or if applicant renounced Korean citizenship, the applicant must submit authenticating documents as evidence.
An admitted applicant who is an expected graduate or still attending school/university/college at the time of the application submission must submit a certificate of completion or diploma to the Admission Team at Incheon National University.
An applicant may be contacted and requested to submit additional documents if necessary.
The most accurate and frequently used contact telephone number and email address must be provided so an applicant can be reached from the moment the application has been submitted and until the application result has been released and the applicant is registered at Incheon National University.
Incheon National University is not responsible for not being able to reach an applicant because of the wrong contact details provided by the applicant in the application form.
The application fee and supporting documents will not be refunded nor be returned to applicant once submitted.
An admitted applicant must pay the deposit or the full tuition fee within the specified period to confirm their acceptance and registration. If enrollment is not completed by the deadline, the acceptance offer will be withdrawn.
Matters not specified here will be decided by INU's Admission Committee.