korea inu
Academic Calendar
MonthSchedule & Information Holiday
JanuaryJan. 13th (Mon)~ Jan. 17th (Fri)
Jan. 20th (Mon)~ Jan. 24th (Fri)
Jan. 27th (Mon)~ Feb. 7th (Fri)
- Readmission
- Specialization Changes,
Double/Connection Majors,
Minor Application
- Return to school application
Jan. 1st (Fri) New Year's Day
Jan. 30 (Thu) ~ Feb. 1st (Sat)
Sulnal (Korean New Year)
FebruaryFeb. 3rd (Mon)~ Feb. 7th (Fri)
Feb. 14th (Fri)
Feb. 17th (Mon) ~ Feb. 20th (Thur)
Feb. 24th (Mon) ~ Feb. 26th (Wed)
Feb.24th (Mon) ~ Feb. 28th (Fri)
- Academic leave application
- 2014 Graduation Ceremony
- 1st Term Course Registration
(current students,
returning students)
- 1st Term Course Registration
(new students)
- 1st Term Registration
MarchMar. 3rd (Mon)- First day of classes (1st Term)March 1st (Sat) Samiljeol
March. 12th (Wed)
School Establishment
AprilApr. 9th (Wed)
Apr. 27th (Sun)
- 1/3 point of the 1st Term
- 1/2 point of the 1st Term
MayMay 16th (Fri)- 2/3 point of the 1st TermMay. 5th (Mon) Children's Day
May. 6th (Tue)
Buddha's Birthday
JuneJun. 16th (Mon) ~ Jun. 20th (Fri)
Jun. 23th (Mon) ~ Jul. 23st (Wed)
- Final Exam Period (1st Term)
- Summer Semester
June 6th (Fri) Hyeonchungil
(Remembrance Day)
JulyJul. 21th (Mon) ~ Jul. 25th (Fri)- Readmission, Specialization
Changes, Double/Connection
Majors, Minor Application
AugustAug. 4th (Mon) ~ Aug. 15th (Fri)
Aug. 11th (Mon) ~ Aug. 15th (Fri)
Aug. 22th (Fri)
Aug.25th(Mon) ~ Aug. 28th(Thur)
Aug. 25th (Mon) ~ Aug. 39th (Fri)
- Return to school application
- Academic leave application
- 2014 2nd Graduation Ceremony
- 2nd Term Course Registration
- 2nd Term Registration
Aug. 15th (Fri) Gwangbokjeol
(Independence Day)
SeptemberSep. 1st (Mon)- First Day of Classes (2nd Term)Sep. 7th (Sun) ~ Sep, 9(Tue)
Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day)
and Substituted Holyday
OctoberOct. 8th (Wed)
Oct. 26th (Sun)
- 1/3 point of the 2nd Term
- 1/2 point of the 2nd Term
Oct. 3rd (Fri) Gaecheonjeol
(National Foundation Day
of Korea)
Oct. 9th (Thu) Hangeulnal
(Celebrate to Hangeul)
NovemberNov. 14th (Fri)- 2/3 point of the 2nd Term
DecemberDec. 15th (Mon) ~ Dec. 19th (Fri)
Dec. 22th (Mon) ~ Jan. 23th (Fri)
- Final Exam Period (2nd Term)
- Winter Vacation
Dec. 25th (Thu) Christmas