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Large industrial complexes including the Namdong and Siwha regions are located nearby the university within 10 minute driving distance, providing plenty of job opportunities for our graduates.

Many of our graduates are also essential members of early-stage, high-potential, startup companies scattered in this area.

The vibrant atmosphere of the Songdo Free Economy Zone and southern part of Incheon heavily concentrated with many biological, information, and electronic high-tech companies is the source of new entrepreneurship, inviting young intellectuals.

Not only large international companies (e.g. IBM, Bosch, and POSCO) but also renowned universities (e.g. NewYork City University, Gent University, and Yonsei University) have already settled or plan to. This region is a highly revered future high-tech industrial center in South Korea.

• More information about Incheon Free Economy Zone is readily available from various websites
  (e.g. http://www.fez.go.kr/en/incheon-fez.jsp).

• Job opportunities are open to our members via department bulletin board, and related official websites
  (e.g. http://ic.korchamhrd.net/MainAction!mainHome.action) are also useful.