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The Department of Chemistry provides an innovative undergraduate education and delivers a high-quality graduate program. The Department offers research programs in the core areas of chemistry along with highly interdisciplinary study in the biomolecular sciences, bioanalytical chemistry, membrane and materials chemistry, and chemical physics. The Department of Chemistry is of medium size, combining outstanding physical facilities with a close-knit community of scholars. With a faculty size of 8, a graduate student body of currently 25 and 3 research associates, a stimulating atmosphere strongly encouraging interactive association has been cultivated. Continuation of our tradition for academic excellence and vibrant research activities is our primary goal.

Undergraduate education, including meaningful research experience, leading to the development of highly skilled and motivated young scientists, is a major goal of the Chemistry Department at Incheon National University. Classrooms, research laboratories with professors’ offices, student’s common rooms, and stock rooms are mostly located in the same (4th) floor of the Natural Science Building (Building 5). Educational areas and research opportunities cover a wide range of modern chemistry including biomolecular and analytical methods, synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, and spectroscopy. Our courses reflect that chemistry is a multidisciplinary field. Indeed, collaborative interdisciplinary research with other departments drawn from across the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is a commonplace activity.

Graduate study is important for the individual seeking a rewarding and productive career in science, and this is particularly the case for those whose interests center on chemistry. Both academic and professional positions in industry and government demand study and experience beyond that usually found in undergraduate programs. The major focus of a student’s graduate program is research on a significant problem under the guidance of an experienced faculty mentor. However, it is also important that a student develops a broad intellectual awareness of frontier research encompassing many areas of chemistry, and acquires a knowledge base and technical skill that will enhance his or her versatility and self-confidence as an independent research scientist. Our graduate program in Incheon National University combines intensive research and specialized scholarly inquiry with diverse opportunities for broad professional development.

Our Outreach Programs as a part of Incheon Science Elite Program aim to educate and engage future scientists early in their development. Our priority is to increase our impact on our society beyond our independent scientific initiatives. To accomplish this goal, we have developed various programs that impact education from elementary to high school in the metropolitan area of Incheon. Faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and selected chemistry teachers in this region are all involved in this effort.