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The Dept. of Chemistry was established in October 1980, a year after INU received approval for establishment as the Incheon Technological Institute in January 1979. The first class of the department began in March 1981 with 40 students. Thereafter, the department received approval to establish a Masters Program in November 1984 which first began giving classes in 1985. The PhD program was newly created in 1996. The Dept. of Chemistry has steadily developed even within a short history and through various difficulties. Particularly, having become a municipal university in 1994, thanks to the interest and support from the City of Incheon and related organizations, the department has been able to achieve numerous accomplishments by making significant improvements to our educational and research environments.

Introduction to the Department of Chemistry

Since the graduation of the first class in 1985, the Dept. of Chemistry has had 1,200 undergraduates, 80 Master's and doctorate graduates. Graduates of the department are working in various chemistry‐related fields of business and are playing important roles in our society.

As a basic science, chemistry is an area of study which defines natural phenomenon based on the basic principles and theories of science discovered and established over long periods of time. In addition, being closely linked to various specialties, such as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry, chemistry is a field of study requiring knowledge and understanding of all specialties and related themes.

In consideration of such needs, the Dept. of Chemistry actively studies and researches all areas closely related to chemistry, such as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and high polymer chemistry. Moreover, in third and fourth year, many of our students perform research projects in their supervisor's laboratory and focus on developing professional research ability. Through our graduate program, students conduct their research in laboratory to become a competent expert in chemistry with creativity required by the high‐tech society today. At the same time, as part of efforts to improve our curriculum to better cultivate leaders who will lead the chemistry industry of our country, the department has strived to strengthen practical education, such as company visiting programs and internships while strengthening international exchange to improve the international competitiveness of students. Incheon Science Elite Program, founded in 1998 by 3 departments of the college of natural science including the department, is considered as the best institute for science education in Korea. Incheon Science Elite Program plays an important role in the education for elementary and middle school students in Incheon and contributes to the enhancement of the status of INU within local community. As to respond to the promotion of global information and knowledge information industry driven by the city of Incheon around Songdo free economic zone, we will be leading the development of local community and contributing to the advancement of humanity by fostering professionals with international competitiveness and creativity fit that satisfies today’s knowledge‐based society.