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Faculty History
Nov, 1988Foundation of Industrial Safety Eng. Department
Mar, 1989Appointment of Prof. Yoon Sun Kim
Mar, 1990Appointment of Prof. Myung Whan Hwang
Mar, 1991Appointment of Prof. In Sung Woo
Mar, 1992Appointment of Prof. Dong Ho Rie
Mar, 1993Appointment of Prof. Chi Kyoung Kim
Mar, 1994Appointment of Prof. Sung Jung Kim
Sep, 1997Change of Department Name to Safety Eng. Department
Dec, 1998Establishment of Graduate Program for Master’s Degree
Oct, 2002Establishment of Graduate Program for PhD. Degree
Aug, 2012Retirement of Prof. Chi Kyoung Kim
Dec, 2012Retirement of Prof. Yoon Sun Kim
Aug, 2012Appointment of Prof. Tae Keun Oh
Aug, 2013Appointment of Prof. Chang Geun Song
Aug, 2014Retirement of Prof. Sung Jung Kim
Feb, 2015Appointment of Prof. Min Chul Lee
Aug, 2015Appointment of Prof. Tae Wan Kim