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Career opportunities after graduation
    - Design software based on RTOS.
    - Design mobile-device-oriented communication and media signal processing system.
    - Design SoC for Hardware-Software Co-Design.

Mid and long-term development plans

  Specialty Strategy
    - Nurture individuals through working‐level projects based on Top-Down method.
    - Nurture individuals with competitiveness through English lectures and internationally certified license.
    - Nurture individuals through research‐oriented learning by autonomy and debates.
    - Student exchange through cooperation with related domestic and foreign institutions and education
      and research cooperation

  Specialty of nurturing method
    - Nurture individuals who fit the requirements of the technical professionals of the industry.
    - Improve capability through team projects.
    - Give field sense.
    - Improve business planning and report skill.
    - Lecture on the latest process management technique

  Career path instruction through academic-industrial cooperative education
    - Lecture given by CEO/CTO
    - Internship and training at business entity
    - Academic-industrial seminar by expert

  Field education through academic-industrial connection
    - Nurture practical and international multimedia embedded system experts.