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Educational Goals

Educational ideology
  "Nurture knowledge-based, practical and internationally competitive embedded system engineers"

Detailed objective
  - Nurture engineers who can systematically analyze, design, realize and verify the latest multimedia System's embedded
    software and hardware requirements demanded software and hardware requirements demanded by industry.
  - Nurture engineers who can actively obtain knowledge related to the latest multimedia system technology engineers
    who have a strong work ethic, creativity, global mind and capacity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Undergraduate Programs

  Established in 2003, the Department of Embedded Systems Engineering at INU is a part of the College of Information
  Technology. Our goal is to educate students into highly effective and successful engineers who can do research and
  development of embedded software with thorough understanding of hardware and SoC design. The research areas
  of our faculty members cover various aspects of embedded hardware and software systems, particularly focusing on
  intelligent systems including self-driving cars and drones. Our students learn system analysis and design, data structure,
  microprocessor, digital system and communication system, operating system, embedded SW design, sensors and
  actuators, embedded database management system, and signal processing.

Graduate Programs

  The emphasis of the Master's degree and Ph.D. degree programs in Embedded Systems lies on the design of efficient
  and reliable systems.
  Our faculty has distinguished itself by focusing on industry-oriented research and education. As a result the alumni of our
  department who are armed with the knowledge of software and hardware have been working as engineers
  in major high-tech companies around the world.
  The faculty and graduate students are conducting pioneering research activities in such areas as embedded S/W,
  intelligent S/W, intelligent robots, and UHDTV.