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Course nameCredit
Electrostatic Countermeasure3
Physics of Electrical Engineering3
Power System Engineering3
Linear Control System3
Special Topics in Network Analysis3
Computer and Microprocessor Applications3
Topics in Dielectrics3
Advanced of Ferroelectric Materials3
Advanced of Electric & Electronic Materials3
Advanced of Electric Machinery3
Advanced Control of Electric Machinery3
Advanced Design of Electric Machinery3
Power System Analysis3
Power System Reliability3
System Engineering3
Advanced System Operation3
Applied Power Electronic Circuit3
Design of Power Electronic Circuit3
Motor Drive and Control System3
Optimal Control3
Adaptive and Learning Systems3
Stochastic Control Theory3
System Stability and Control Theory3
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering3
Digital Signal Processing3
Analysis of Stochastic Process3
Optimization Method3
Two-dimensional Signal Processing3
Signal Processing SeminarⅡ3
Adaptive Signal Processing3
Digital Filter Theory and Design3
Estimation Theory3
Signal Processing SeminarⅠ3
Advanced Digital Control3
Advanced Control Theory and Design3
Advanced Network Synthesis3
Neural Network3
Advanced Magnetic Materials3
Advanced Ceramics Materials3
Statistical Signal Processing3
Signal Detection and Estimation3
Multivariable System3
Digital Image Processing3
Network Synthesis3
Power System Operation and Control Theory3
System Planning Theory3
Power System Quality3
Power Wheeling Analysis3
Power System Analysis Package Modelling3
Advanced Microcontroller3
Real-time Computer Application3
Optimum Filter Design3
Robust Control Theory3
Advanced Large-scale System Control3
Advanced Measurement and Sensor System3
Artificial Intelliget Control3
Advanced Automation System3
Advanced Power Electronics 13
Advanced Machine Drives3
Power IT System3
Grid-connected Renewable Energy System3
FACTS & HVDC Transmission System3
Voltage-Sourced Converter in Power System3
Advanced Microgrid3
Advanced HVDC System3
Microgrid Seminar 3
HVDC System Seminar3
Photoelectric and Energy Devices3
Semiars for Nanotechnology3
Solid State Electronics3
Monitoring and Diagnostics for Electric Energy Conversion System3
Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion3
Numerical Analysis in Electro-mechanical field3
Seminar On Electrical Energy ConversionⅠ3
Seminar On Electrical Energy ConversionⅡ3
Optimal Operation of Microgrid3
Smart Grid3
Low Voltage DC System3
Autonomous Distributed System3
Power System Dynamic Analysis3
Nano Photonics3
Plasma Applications Engineering3
Advanced Electromagnetism3