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The objectives of our Graduate School are ‘to have global competitiveness and create new knowledge to foster highly qualified manpower in electrical engineering that can take the lead in the national electrical engineering field’. The Graduate programs provide students with opportunities to develop profound, specialized creativity and potentials based on the coordinated relationship with undergraduate curriculum.To attain such objectives, our Department is making utmost efforts, in terms of providing educational services, to serve as the cradle of the “Highly Qualified Global Manpower” that meets the national and community expectations, equipped with creativity and research capabilities matching global standards as well as distinguishing leadership minds. The Department has reflected an academic progress and become much more upgraded with a newly restructured curriculum, being reborn as the cradle of the core research manpower in the electrical energy sector. To do this in more effective manners, the faculty members, Master’s Ph.D. students and teaching staff in our Department will make every effort with our heart and soul, expecting your active participations and encouragement for our long-lasting prosperity.