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PositionNameResearch AreasE-mailContact
ProfessorChung Young-SikSignal And
ProfessorKim Yong-HaPower System
ProfessorLee Byung HaSystem Control,
Power System Control and Stability
ProfessorKim Joohn-SheokPower Electronics Motor
ProfessorKim Hak-ManPower system and Power
ProfessorKim Joon-DongPhotoelectric devices,
Energy conversion technology,
Transparent conductors, Semiconductors,
Physical sensors, Chemical sensors
ProfessorHur Jin1. Permanent magnet motor magnetic circuit
analysis and design techniques.
2. Design of High Efficiency Permanent
Magnet Motor drives technology.
3. Fault diagnosis and prediction techniques
of Permanent magnet motor.
4. Power system design for
Eco-friendly cars of future.
ProfessorYun Ju-HyungRenewable Energy Sources,
Photovoltaics, Semiconductor Devices,
Nanoscale sensors systems
ProfessorAhn Duk-JuPower conversion circuit,
Wireless power transfer,
Analog/RF circuit
ProfessorLee Byung-hunWireless system
ProfessorLee Woo-chanComputational Electromagnetics, Numerical Analysis, Network, Machine