Incheon National University Graduate School of Logistics Application Guidelines for New Students in 2017

1.Recruitment process and number of students: Master's degree program
: 00 (Logistics Management major and Logistics System major)


ClassificationScheduleSpecific Information
Application Period2016. 11. 21(Mon) ~ 12. 02(Fri)
[application in person by visit 09:00~16:00(exclude Sat and Sun)]
▪ Application should be sent by email
and required documents should be sent by post or in person
Interview2016. 12. 10(saturday)▪ Interview : Website and personal announcement
Online interview is available using Skype
※ Should be ready in the waiting room 30 minutes before the interview starts.
▪ Preparation Material : Test verification slip, Identification card
Announcement of Acceptance2016. 12. 23(Fri), 14:00▪ Graduate School of Logistics website
※ This schedule may be changed

3. Qualification for application

A. Master’s degree program

-Those who have finished(or about to finish) a Bachelor’s degree program in 4-year course at universities in Korea or overseas

-Those who have equivalent qualification to the Bachelor’s degree program approved by the minister of education

-Those who have 3 years or more experience in the field of SCM or logistics if applying for special admission program

B. Ph.D. program

-Those who have finished a Master’s degree program in 4 year program at universities in Korea or overseas

-Those who have finished(or about to finish) a Master’s degree program in 4-year course at universities in Korea or overseas

-Those who have 5 years or more experience in the field of SCM or logistics if applying for special admission program

※ The applicant can apply for any department regardless of the major he/she finished in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program

C. Supernumerary application qualification of foreign students

-Master’s degree program: the same as A. Master’s degree program above

-Ph.D. program: the same as B. Ph.D. program above

-If the applicant is applicable to the conditions below:

1) The applicant and both parents all have nationalities other than Korean
2) Those who have finished 16 year education program equivalent to Korean education system in a country other than Korea
3) North Korean refugee

D. Supernumerary commissioned students

-Master’s degree program: the same as A. Master’s degree program above

-Ph.D. program: the same as B. Ph.D. program above

- Common condition: those who have been elected according to the article 2 in the rules of university’s supernumerary commissioned students

4. Required Documents for Application

Required DocumentsOthers
Application form
Graduation Certificate
Transcript-Students who transferred schools need to submit transcripts of all universities/colleges they attended.
Letter of self introduction-Refer to attached form
Research proposal-Refer to attached form
Education inquiry certificate-Printed-out documents with signature
A written request for education inquiry-Only fill out Applicant's Information part(School name ~ Major), must be printed-out documents
A written pledge of expenses for studying abroadSignature on Financial surety item
Certificate of bank balanceEither 1) USD 13,000 or more must be saved in student's or surety's bank balance more than a month.
2) USD 13,000 must be remitted to Korea or exchange certificate must be submitted
Copy of passport
Copy of certificate of alien registration- Only for foreigners who are actually living in Korea
Immigration form- Only for foreigners who are actually living in Korea
TOPIK or English language proficiency certificate▪ Must submit either one of the two below
 ① Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) level 3 or higher
   - Students who have submitted level 3 of TOPIK examination must also submit a written oath for the certificate.
       ※ Students who have level 3 at the beginning of the program has to submit level 4 before preliminary examination for thesis.
 ② Official English proficiency tests
   - TOEFL 550, CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550, TOEIC 700 or higher
 ③ The Letter of Recommendation
   - From the dean of university or institute
   - From one of graduate school of Logistics professors
Foreign nationality certificate(applicant and his/her parents)- Chinese students have to submit family register
- If student's parents have passed away or divorced, official notarized certificate for death/divorce has to be submitted.
Copy of identification certificate(applicant and his/her parents-English name must be written
※ All submitted documents must be original ones or notarized papers translated in Korean or English.
Documents in languages other than Korean or English must be notarized and translated in Korean.

Other required documents for international applicants
(must be submitted if necessary from category 1 to 3)
CategoryDocumentsNumber of documentsOthers
1. If student's both parents have nationality other than KoreanDocuments of nationality for the applicant and his/her both parents 1 each-Chinese applicants must submit family register
-If student's parents have passed away or divorced, official notarized certificate for death/divorce has to be submitted
Family relation certificate1;-Chinese applicants are exempted from submission if both parents and the applicant are registered in the family register
2. If finished more than 16 years of education in a foreign country Elementry, middle, and high school graduation certificates1 each
/td>Elementry, middle, high school transcripts 1 eact-Issued by local municipal office
3. North Korean refugeeNorth Korean registration documents1
Additional Documents(only Chinese)
CategoryDocumentsNumber of documentsOthers
ChineseA copy of permanent identity(applicant and his/her parents)1 eachEnglish names must be written
Certificate for family relationship1For Chinese students, If the applicant and both parents are written in the certificate of resident registration, students do not have to submit the certificate for family relationship.
Degree holder of Chinese (graduate) universities/colleges Original certificate of degree1For Chinese students, the certificate must be issued either 교육부학위인증센터敎育部學位與硏究生敎育發展中心(http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn ) or 서울공자아카데미(http://www.cis.or.kr).※ The issuance of the certificate can take up to 30 days, students are advised to apply as soon as possible. The admission can be cancelled if students do not submit the document.
Copy of degreeDegree issued by universities/colleges
Parents both Chinese Foreign nationality certificate for the applicant and his/her parents 1 eachChinese must submit certificate of resident registration
 - If parents have passed away/divorced, the notarized certificate of death/divorce must be submitted
5. Methods of examination : Document Screening and Interview

○ Paper screening : Grades in undergraduate/graduate level education, experience

○ Interview : Character and qualification, motives and passion, major similarity,
                   basic knowledge in major field of study, and possibility

○ Distribution of marks

Classification Master`s degree
Document screening100 Points
Grades in undergraduate program100 Points
Interview200 Points
Total400 Points
Note : If there is no grade point average, GSL calculates on its own.

6. Application Process [Application form should be sent by email first and documents should be submitted in person or by posts]

○ Application forms should be sent by email(uigsl@incheon.ac.kr)

○ Application forms must be submitted by post or in-person. Postal application has to arrive
before 18:00, closing date.

○ Reception Desk : Graduate School of Logistics Administration Team

Room 413, Building 14, Incheon National University, 119 Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea (postcode: 22012)
Tel_032-835-8181~3  Fax_032-835-0703 
Homepage_ http://inugsl.inu.ac.kr or http://gsl.incheon.ac.kr

7. Application fee : 60,000₩

○ Deposit Account : NongHyup 1325-01-000103 (Account holder : Incheon National University)

○ When making a deposit : ‘Name + year of birth’ (ex : IncheonKim79)

○ When finished making a deposit, a certificate of deposit must be submitted.

8. Other instructions for applicants

○ All documents must be submitted as originals. If they are written in languages
    other than Korean or English, they must be notarized and translated in Korean before

○ All documents and fees will not be returned or refunded.

○ The admission shall be cancelled If any documents are turned out to be false or fake
    (full tuition fees will not be refunded)

○ If the admission is cancelled because of false contact details on the application form,
    it is impossible for the applicant to make an objection to it.

○ If the applicant is about the graduate, he/she must submit one original copy of certificate
   of graduation and the transcript each before the start of the lectures.

○ New students are not allowed to apply for leave of absence
    (possible if it is related to military service or serious disease that needs
     medical certificate)

○ Anything not written on this application handbook, the graduate school committee
    makes every decision.

○ If foreign students stay in Korea for more than 90 days for education, registration should
    be made by local immigration office within 90 days of the date of entry.


9. Scholarships

○ Scholarship Policy
ClassificationTypesContents of Scholarship
In-school Scholarships New students scholarship▪ Based on admission grades
Grade scholarship▪ Based on the grades students get
RA scholarship▪ Research Assistant among full time students
TA scholarship▪ Teaching Assistant among full time students
Work scholarship▪ If students are involved in particular area of work in the GSL
Foreign student scholarship▪ foreign freshman & enrolled student give a tuition waver (50% of tuition, excluding admission fee)
▪ a recommended freshman & enrolled student from foreign universities signed MOU with Graduate school of Logistics, Incheon National University give a tuition waver (100% of tuition excluding admission fee)
※ Exceptionally, scholarship can be given considering the achievements in the graduate school such as international license issuance. Every semester the committee makes decisions on the types and contents of scholarships which determine the level of financial support for students.
※ Extracurricular scholarships can be given by graduate school committee if national projects or other schemes are secured.
※ Awarded scholarship per person in 2014 semester
2014-1 semester3,403,000₩242,000₩
2014-2 semester3,612,000₩536,000₩
- Awarded scholarship per person in 2014: 2,313,000\(Data on Information disclosure system)
- The amount of scholarship may be changed based on yearly scholarship finances

○ Features
- Case study oriented, personal tutoring
- Affiliated education program with global logistics education institution and companies
- Participants for research projects are supported with scholarships and studentship
- Overseas training program is available by establishing global logistics research and education network
※ National funding for national project can be utilized for scholarships and overseas training program for excellent students

10. Others

○ Degree Program
Degree ProgramDegree TitleMinimum required semesters of enrollment
Master's DegreeMaster of Logistics4 semesters
Ph.D`s DegreePh.D of Logistics6 semesters
○ Tuition and Admission Fees for New Students from 2017
Degree ProgramAdmission FeesTuition FeesTotal
Master's Degree585,000 ₩3,225,000 ₩3,810,000 ₩
Ph.D`s Degree585,000 ₩3,436,000 ₩4,021,000 ₩
※ Total fees may be changed in 2017

11. Contact:

Consultation in Chinese is available and all application forms can be sent by e-mails and Please contact the administration office of the GSL (032-835-8181)