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Research & Business Foundation
Office of Research and Office of Research and Industry Cooperation
Patent and Technology Transfer  

Present Status of Patent Registration


         - Support the cost for patent application, registration and maintenance of the invention succeeded through the ‘INUIACF’ 

           and ‘employee invention’ of which is based upon the ‘employee invention’ of  Article 2-2 of  [Invention Promotion Act]

           and [Regulation of Intellectual Property Right of INU IACF.


         - Protects the right of invention and makes its efficient management from the research activity of  the professors

           and students in this school.

What is the technology transfer?

         -  It refers to the transfer of intellectual property right and Know-how registered and the technology and Know-how not

            registered by Patent Act and the relevant law from the technology holder to the third person through assignment, grant

            of light of  implementation and technical assistance, etc,.

Procedure of Technology Transfer

         - Seizing the hoped technology: organic connection of excellent technology to its desiring company


         - Technical marketing of technology value evaluation: discover excellent technology and make the analytic preparation of

            the technology report through the technology value evaluation


         - Contract consulting and agreement of conditions upon the technical execution: Agreement about the area, method,

            amount,  condition and period of technology transfer


         - Concluding technology contract: concluding after filling the written contract of technology transfer based on the standard

            contract of INU


         - Technology transfer and technology assistance: frequent review of agreement concluded and continual technology



Application for Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement  


       - Concludes an ‘industry-academic cooperation contract’ for the joint development of both institutions by building a close 

          cooperation system between “INU IACF’ and ‘institution applying for the agreement’

Proposal of Industry-academic cooperation


       - Industry-academic cooperation R&D task in the way that the company pays the research cost to the university to request

         their technology development desired.


      - Professors of INU shall execute it only after the conclusion of the contract through IACF.