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Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
Office of Research and Office of Research and Industry Cooperation
Affiliated Research centers

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation


       Founded to expand the financial aid of education and research, and to contribute to the regional community and

       national economic development with economic profit created through the industrialization of intellectual property by

       training a creative industrial manpower to promote industrial education and industry-academic cooperation, and by

       making development and distribution of new knowledge and technology necessary for industrial development. Its 

       main business is a conclusion and implementation of the contract for industry-academic cooperation, administrative

       and accounting management related to industry-academic project, acquisition and management of intellectual property 

       right, technology transfer and project promotion, operation and support of university facilities, and business related 

       to other industry-academic cooperation, etc.

Operating a contract department that connects the company with the university  


       Special education program that establishes and operates the relevant department in the university for the industry-

       academic contract


Assistance Center for Small & Medium Enterprise


       Founded in October, 1994 to construct the industry-academic cooperation system to reinforce the competitiveness

       and to activate the regional economy by making joint use of research personnel, facility and lab apparatus of INU either

       for solving the Incheon small and medium production field’s technical problems or for developing a new manufacturing

       process or new products.


Incheon Regional Innovation Center


       Founded in October, 1997 to improve the technology competitiveness and reinforce the international competitiveness

       through the construction of industry-academic technology support system for its joint use of high price equipment,

       and the utilization of C2C network, and placement of company’s annex research institutes in the center for the industry

       of automobile parts and advanced parts (IT convergence and integration) in Incheon.


INU Holdings Co., Ltd.


       Founded to industrialize the intellectual right and technology invested by INU to reinvest its profits in the 

       university’s research development and to prepare an innovative opportunity to activate the university’s research area,

       and to contribute to the Northeast global university development and regional economic development.


Incheon Science Elite Program


       Incheon Science Elite Program is operated by the backing of MSJP, Incheon city and INU. It was founded in June, 1998

       and selected as the national best science elite education center. It has been grown up in the active support and

       cooperation of Incheon city, INU and Incheon Ministry of Education, and made the best effort to cultivate the science

       elite that will lead the future of Korea through its creativity and personal education together with the science education.


Northeast Asia e-Logistics Research Center


       Founded in July, 2002 to perform the role of contributing for the logistics of Incheon city to secure the competitiveness

       that is raised as a new basis of logistics of Northeast Asia by realizing the high value logistics service through

       the solution development and network construction of the logistics.



Incheon Seo-gu Health Family Support

       Founded in March, 2007 and tries to give an integrated family support service to general family and various families

       to prevent and treat the family problem, and to reinforce and practice the basic direction of governmental family

       policy such as development of family culture movement and the family related information and data provision.


Incheon Green Environment Center


       Designated and founded in March, 2000 by Ministry of Environment to gather the research ability for regional

       environment problem solution, to examine the environmental pollution phenomenon of Incheon through a systematic

       research, and to execute the professional environment education and cooperative business for the green technology

       and company’s difficult environment technology support  and early realization of low carbon green growth

       through the regional industry’s environmental pollution diagnosis.


Support Center for Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation(LINC)


       Founded in July, 2009 to cluster the simple company’s accumulation area centered on the manufacture and production

       of national industrial complex, to expand the regional industrial complex of Namdong, Bupyeong and Juan from

       Songdo Knowledge & Information Industrial Complex and to promote the research development, provide

       company support and cultivate global professional personal to support the regional growth engine industry.


Safety Science Education Research Institute

       It is the national unique school corporation education facility registered as a “job education consignment

       organization of Ministry of Employment and Labor” to execute the job education of safety managers according

       to Article 32 and Clause 1 of Industrial Safety and Health Act that is culturing the job performance ability

       through safety managers(industrial safety and disaster prevention and fire safety) in the industrial(construction) spot,

       and knowledge and technology distribution of and practical case education research and experimental practice

       education research, and used not only as the contribution of community based on the industry-academic cooperation

       and scientific education but also focusing upon various education program development research

       and education for the realization of Sale Korea.


HK Business Group


       Selected to foreign area of HK business presided by Korea Research Foundation by the title of Korea’s Chinese

       Research and Research-based Reorganization” and performed in October, 2009. After the modern time,

       it is expected to perform an important role for INU to be developed from the certain point of national Chinese

       research by constructing the Chinese and Overseas Chinese Research and Data Center based on the

       investigation and research of China’s social and economic custom.