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Research & Business Foundation
Office of Research and Office of Research and Industry Cooperation


Now, we are in the wave of the globalization and the information era

whether we want or not.

The era has provided a lot of benefits and convenience to use on one hand.

However, it puts the burden of the competition and winner-takes-it-all

on us on the other hand.

Universities and companies cannot keep growing without developing

new technologies and nurturing experts in such a competition. It is essential to establish an organic cooperation system through active roles of the industry, academy and research fields to overcome such hurdles.

The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, from the research support department in the University of Incheon, recognizes the requirement for the co-research joined by the industry, academy and research from the early onset and has kept its efforts to establish the support and management system to meet the requirement. The university attracted and established the Assistance Center for Small & Medium Enterprise in 1994, Incheon Science Elite Program, Northeast Asia e-Logistics Research Center, Health Family Support Center and Startup Business Promoting Foundation to continuously play a social role and take responsibility as a leader in the technology innovation. In addition, the university newly founded the Office of Research & Industry Cooperation after it became a corporate body in March, 2013 to internally and externally take care of the RND projects.

Here, we can say that the industry-academy cooperation in a university is not an option, but a mandatory for the future.

The foundation does its best to faithfully play a role as a bridge between companies and the university with the established infrastructure and a pivotal role in revitalizing the national and Incheon economy and developing the industries. Please take care of the Office of Research & Industry Cooperation and the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Incheon National University for their successful development with your full cooperation.