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7 Logistics linked major introduction  
This refers to the operation of logistics education program in which multiple departments are closely linked for the purpose of providing basic knowledge of logistics, and fostering logistics experts that can conduct in depth analysis of logistics problems, as well as solving problems on the field.
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6 What departments are related to logistics linked major? Can othe...  
Departments that are related to logistics linked majors are Chinese Language and Cultural Studies, Industry Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Business Administration, Trade, Economics, Northeast Asia Trade & Commerce. But students from other departments may well apply for logistics lnked major. The most important aspect is the student's will to learn logistics.
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5 How do I apply and take logistics linked major credits?  
The application period is announced every semester prior to registration. Applications are for students in their sophomore or junior years (including students planned to return), with a GPA of over 3.0. Applications to be made at the double major application section of the 『School Affairs』section at the school's website. Students with a permission to take logistics related major must apply for more than 2 subject of logistics linked major during the lecture application, or lecture application changing period, with a separate notice. Taking logistics linked major credits is the same as taking double major. Students must complete 45 or more credits on the curriculum amongst basic, required, and electives. Basics and required subjects are a must. Up to 12 credits are recognized for logistics linked major subjects that overlap the main major subjects. Please refer to the curriculum on the website for more information.
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4 How is your scholarship program run?  
Each semester, according to the standards of scholarship, we give scholarship to outstanding students that take logistics linked major. Each semester, outstanding academic achievers are selected, and scholarships are graded according to academic results.
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3 How do I cancel logistics linked major?  
You must fill out a waiver application at the school affairs support office, and get it stamped by the head of the department, visit the Graduate School of Logistics in Northeast Asia and get it stamped by the head of the logistics linked major, then submit it to the school affairs support office.
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2 How do I graduate with a logistics linked major?  
First, you must acquire 45 credits on the curriculum. Then if you pass the graduation test, you will be awarded the logistics bachelor degree (double major, together with your main major).
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1 What licenses are related to logistics linked major, and what fu...  
First, there is the logistics manager. The test is held once a year. However, if the Minister of Construction and Transportation recognizes a need for a supply of logistics managers, there could be a second test, with a vote from the logistics manager test committee. 5 test subjects are logistics management theory, freight transportation theory, keeping unloading theory, logistics related laws, international logistics theory. In order to pass the test, you must get 40 or more points in each of the subjects and your average total should be 60 or higher, out of 100. Other related licenses would include international logistics, distribution manager, and etc. Career opportunities after graduation include, marine freight companies, airlines, trading companies, international couriers, logistics consulting companies, home delivery services, department stores, hyper marts, software companies, logistics information network companies, logistics departments of manufacturing companies, logistics policy institutes, public offices, and etc.
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