Incheon National University Graduate School The proud of Incheon located in the center of Northeast Asia.


The Computing Center, founded in 1987 with FACOM as an operating system, started online academic and administrative services upon the installation of HP9000/82 system in 1992.
After having the latest HP9000/K450 system installed in 1998, campus buildings are tied to a high speed fiber-optic network, featuring the World Wide Web. Five labs, a printing roon, a cyber center outfitted with 245 Pentium PC computers, high-speed laser printers, audio-visual aids, and video projectors are available to members of the University community. In addition, a cybercafe is operated in each campus building, and community computer support is provided as part of the University's mission of community service.
Based on a Gigabit network with a seed of 45Mbps, 2500 Ports〔1PC for 1 faculty / sta ff member 〕 have been established on campus and E-mail ID's are distributed to every member of the University for more integrated information service.
The University's networking and computing infrastructure allows students with an internet access to register, check grades and search publications. With the advent of the 21st century, the Center continues to strive to be the center for development of more powerful computing and networking systems so that the University becomes a leader in information-technology services in Northeast Asia.