Major of

Career opportunities after graduation

After graduating from the department, students can enter domestic and foreign graduate school work at government‐funded research institutions that implement nano‐technology research such as Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology and Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology and become researchers by working at research centers of Samsung, LG and Hyundai. Students can also work at domestic and foreign high‐tech industry and national industry such as fine chemistry, semiconductor, medical treatment and pharmacy, biotechnology, energy and environment. Because the demand for manpower is increasing in and out of the country, students can choose from wide variety of jobs.


Mid and long‐term development plans

‐ Foster 21st century’s creative professionals with creative thinking and comprehensive design ability who will lead the 
  nano fusion technology.
‐ Secure necessary human resource education and supply system by establishing cooperative system with related
  corporates and research institutions.
‐ Foster professional manpower with creative comprehensive design ability and problem solving ability through advanced
  major education system of nano‐bio technology with basic knowledge of chemistry / biology / mechanic / material.
‐ Achieve the best quality of education and research ability by securing the best faculty members, advanced equipment
  and facility of nano‐system.