Major of

Major of Nano‐Bioengineering

Nano‐bioengineering is the original technology of the 21st century’s cutting‐edge technology and the foundation of the creation of new national growth engine. The major of nano‐bioengineering was founded to foster highly competitive talents who will participate in the development of the future technology required in the technical field of nano‐system and nano‐biology integrated with BT, IT and NT techniques.

Educational Goals
The department has an objective to foster industry workers and high quality human resources of research and development with creative design capability and problem solving ability who will lead the development of the national industry by cultivating professional knowledge in nano‐bio and nano fusion technology which are the basis of the new growing industry of the nation and basic knowledge in basic science, BT and IT. The objective is also to foster and produce outstanding individuals who satisfy the era of globalization by cultivating  basic knowledge necessary as an engineer, ethical thinking and responsibility and internationalization ability.