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Students who complete specified curriculum, pass the graduation thesis, meet English proficiency requirements

Required credits for graduation

Minimum 135 credits

· Liberal Arts: Minimum 30 credits and up to 55 credits
Enter before 2018
   - 8 credits or more in 기초교양 (Basic Requirement): 대학영어1,2 (4) credits, 대학영어회화 1,2 (2) credits,
     글쓰기 이론과 실제 (2) credits
   Enter after 2019
    - 8 credits or more in 기초교양 (Basic Requirement): Academic English (2) credits, 대학영어회화 1,2 (2) credits,
     글쓰기이론과실제 (2) credits, 컴퓨팅적사고와SW (2) credits

※ Students must complete at least 1 course in 3 out of the 5 areas of INU Core requirements(INU 핵심교양).
※ Students must check courses restricted for enrollment by their major‘s department
(Restricted courses are not counted for graduation)

· Major field(Major Basic, Major Requirement, Major Elective): 60 credits or more
※ Students studying double majors must complete 42 credits or more from each department for the completion of
double major studies.

Early graduation

· Eligibility: Students who have earned an average G.P.A. of 4.0 or better until the 4th semester
· Application period : Within a certain period before fifth-semester starts.
· How to apply: Complete the application form and visit the department office of your major.
Submit it to the Office of Educational Support.
· Requirements: Students must fulfill the requirements for graduation and earn a G.P.A. of 4.0 or better.