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Graduate School

SONAS provides Master’s degree program with advanced curriculum to nurture Northeast Asian trade specialists.

Four-semesters curriculum consists of regional economics, language and economics. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects and internship. After obtaining the degree, graduates of the program can make their careers in private firms, research institute, public organization and many places which require their regional specialty.


Application period is in the May and October per year. Besides general admissions, special admissions for students with superior grades or work experiences are provided. Admission process consists of document examination and interview.

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Master’s degree program at SONAS provides advanced courses for International Trade and International Finance, which allow students study Northeast Asian countries’ economies and economic relations among them.

CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleHour
major540010Theory of International EconomicsⅠ3
540020Theory of International EconomicsⅡ3
540030Study on Chinese Market3
540040Study on Theory of Japanese EconomyⅠ3
540050Study on Theory of Russian EconomyⅠ3
540060Advanced Chinese3
540070Advanced Japanese3
540080Advanced Russian3
540090Advanced Business English3
540100Seminar on Northeast Asian E-Business3
540110Seminar on Northeast Asian Logistics3
540120Study on International Commerce3
540130Study on Northeast Asian E-Business3
540140Study on Northeast Asian LogisticsⅠ3
540150Study on Northeast Asian LogisticsⅡ3
540160Study on International FinanceⅠ3
540170Study on International FinanceⅡ3
540180Study on International Commerce Law3
540190Study on Northeast Asian Direct Investment3
540200Study on Theory of Chinese Economy3
540210Study on Theory of Japanese EconomyⅡ3
540220Study on Theory of Russian EconomyⅡ3
540230Study on International MarketingⅠ3
540240Study on International MarketingⅡ3
540250Study on Korean EconomyⅠ3
540260Study on Korean EconomyⅡ3
540270Comparative Study on Northeast Asian Economy and CultureⅠ3
540280Comparative Study on Northeast Asian Economy and CultureⅡ3
540290Study on Korean-Chinese Economic Relations3
540300Study on International Commerce Negotiation3
540310Study on Econometrics3
540320Study on Financial Management3
540330Study in International Taxation3
540340Seminar on International Taxation3
540913Chinese Enterprise Study3
540914Chinese Finance Study3
540915Chinese Investment Study3
540916Chinese Industry Study3
540917Chinese Logistics Study3