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Korean Trade and Commerce

Korea is currently the 15th largest economy in the world, and is considered as an emerging economic powerhouse, leaping toward Asian leadership with its neighboring countries of China and Japan.

The growing importance of the Korean economy raises the need for professionals in international trade focused on Korea. By anticipating the trend and responding to a new vision for the role of Korea in the 21st century, SONAS, for the first time ever, introduced a new in-bound program, Korean Trade and Commerce, intended for foreign students. SONAS expects to deliver relevant talents who will become experts not only in Korea but in the expanding field of international trade.

Prospective students, freshman or transfer students, can apply for either merit-based scholarship or need-based scholarship or both. If a student is selected for both need-based and merit-based scholarship, the student will be awarded only the scholarship of highest value.

A. Merit-Based Scholarship

- Scholarship will be granted to the selected applicants by language proficiency.
- Applicants are eligible with iELTS 6.0, TOEIC 700, TOEFL iBT 82 at least or the equivalent.
※ The applicants who graduated from schools where English is the official language are not eligible for the scholarship.
They, however, can apply for the scholarship if they have TOPIK level 4 or above.
- Enrolled students, who have achieved 15 credits or more with GPA of 3.2 or above on their previous semester, are also
eligible for the scholarship. The amount of merit-based scholarship will be graded by GPA as follows:

New International Students(Freshman/Transfer Students)Enrolled
Amount of Scholarship
Level67.0800944.0 or above100% of tuition fee
Level56.5750873.6 or above85% of tuition fee
Level46.0700823.2 or above70% of tuition fee
※ Other comparable test results will be subject to consideration for equivalence.
※ Students, who have been enrolled for more than or equal to 4 semesters at INU Korean Language Institute (KLI) or
    recommended by the institution having an MOU with KLI, will receive 70% of tuition.
B. Need-Based Scholarship
- Freshman or transfer students of 2018 fall semester can apply to need-based scholarships (By June 15, 2018)
- Amount of scholarship will be decided based on students’need and department’s (major’s) standard.
  Scholarships can cover all your tuition.
- Students should achieve 2.7 GPA or higher
- Required documents : Application of need-based scholarship (Download from website),
  Certificate of Family Registry and Certificate of Employment and Income (Translated into English)

>> Net Price Calculator

C. Scholarship for registration at INU Language Center (Formerly Korean Language Institute)
Applicants who have registered in 4 or more semesters at INU Language center, Korean Language Course
(Formerly Korean Language Institute (KLI)) or are recommended by agreement with INU Language Center.
D. Scholarship for the recommended students by Corps of Honorary Consuls in Korea,
- Applicants who are recommended by Honorary Consuls in Korea
- Please contact to Office of Corps of Honorary Consuls in Korea to get more information.
  ( Tel : 02-761-1371, Email : consuls2017@gmail.com )
- During the first semester at INU, students will be granted a full tuition fee waiver and from the next semester,
  students need to take more than 12 credits and get GPA of Last Semester 3.0 or above to continue to be a full tuition fee

SONAS’ academic program is rigorous. Our goal is to develop future international leaders in Northeast Asia and help them prepare for the upcoming challenges brought by global competition. Our curriculum is an innovative product of the interdisciplinary approach beyond the boundaries of existing academic disciplines.

▪ The first is Economics, which aims to foster an understanding of international Trade and Commerce,
  including microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics.
▪ The second is regional studies. Practical courses for comprehensive understanding on Korea, Korean Economy,
  History of Korean Economy, Korean International Economic Relations and Korean Societies and Culture courses will be
▪ The third is foreign languages, which are communication tools for the era of globalization and digitalization.
  Korean and Asian Region Languages will be provided.