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박재휘 증명사진

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학       력
2012.02.24 서울대학교  공학박사
2008.02.29 서울대학교  석사
2005.08.17 한국과학기술원  공학사
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Correlation-based Ranking over Relational Databases, INFORMATION-An International Interdisciplinary Journal , 제16권(집) , 제6B호 , PP.4175~4191 , 2013.06.01
Pragmatic correlation analysis for probabilistic ranking over relational data, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS , 제40권(집) , PP.2649~2658 , 2013.01.01
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Keyword Search in Relational Databases, KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS , 2011.02.01
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개념 망을 통한 전자 카탈로그의 시맨틱 검색 및 추천, 한국전자거래학회지 , 2010.08.01
An Efficient Similarity Join Algorithm with Cosine Similarity Predicate, Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 2010.08.01
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