Dept. of English Language & Literature


 Career opportunities after graduation

Students graduated from Department of English Language and Literature can work in various fields. They can enter fields where they can utilize the theory and knowledge on general English language and literature such as trade business, airlines, financial institutions, press and broadcasting companies and English teacher. They can also enter graduate school to challenge themselves into more profound learning. Recently, internet related course was newly created so that the scope of learning widened even more.
※ Teaching education is unavailable since 2011.

 Mid and long‐term development plans

• SO strategy: Competitiveness will be enhanced through securement of outstanding students with various system and continuous encouragement of cultural characterization. Also, in order to improve the quality and promotion of education, opportunity to participate and to be given instructions on various English competitions will be given.
• ST strategy: Special programs to help with English capability and understanding the major and programs to boost employment will be available.

• WO strategy: The educational program will be internationalized by attracting foreign students and educational environment and support system will be enhanced through the relocation to Songdo.

• WT strategy: Support system for expansion and maintenance of outstanding faculty members will be given and English education will mainly be given for work‐level and practical use.
※ (S : Strength, O : Opportunities, W : Weakness, T : Threats)