Ideologies of the Department of English Language & Literature
By nurturing an academic foundation in English and English literature, the Department endeavors to promote exchange and cooperation in economic, educational and cultural sectors with global society while cultivating individuals who can effectively respond to the demands of globalization and international competitiveness.
Objectives of Education

- Cultivate individuals with creativity and practicality through various specialized and related education programs
- Cultivate internationally competitive individuals possessing capacities for English communication who will serve

   as leaders in the development of the Incheon
- Cultivate individuals possessing a grounding for culture through training for English culture and English regional


Educational Goals

Dept. of English Language & Literature

On the basis of trust and confidence, the Dept. of English Language & Literature takes charge of the education of the new millennium, leads the era of Eastern Asia and strives to cultivate competent and conscious global talents.

Established in 1981, the primary goal of the department is to cultivate talents capable of promoting international exchange and cooperation in various fields such as economy, research, culture etc., and responding to the demand of international community and competition. On the basis of competent professors, we propose the right path for each student through a thorough study management and create a fun and vibrant environment with a variety of departmental events.

As for departmental events, we have English speech contest, symposium, special lecture on job search, practice test of TOEIC (May, October), experience of foreign culture (specialization project for the college of humanities) etc. Also, the student council conducts various extracurricular activities such as joint MT, English plays, English Nights, alumni etc. In addition, undergraduates, graduates and professors are putting their ideas together to create different programs for the development of English language and literature and the department.