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Division of Architecture & Urban Design

In the Division of Architecture & Urban Design, the 2 majors (Architectural engineering, Architecture and Urban Design) necessary for the creation of sustainable and future‐oriented urban∙architectural environment, are integrated based on specialization. In the architectural engineering, we foster professional engineers with technical abilities and business mindset through a curriculum covering construction management, green construction facility and aseismatic and storm‐proof structure, as well as global architects and related professionals possessing the ability to create sustainable architectural and residential environment. In the major of Architecture and Urban Design, we nurture creative urban designers with urban engineering, humanistic and artistic ability. The division focuses on producing practical experts responsive to social demands through such specialized curriculum of each major.

On this basis, through a systematic education such as thematic integral education between majors, research oriented curriculum, expansion of the international exchange, etc. for an integral expansion of personal ability, we aim to nurture urban and architectural professionals who will lead the creation of future urban and architectural environment.


The Division of Architecture & Urban Design was developed along with the architectural engineering department in March 1979 with the establishment of Incheon University. Since its establishment, the architectural engineering department has produced 28 graduating classes as of 2010, and in March 2010, the college of urban science was expanded to include the field of urban architecture. Among 2 intensive majors of the the architectural engineering major , architecture and urban design major, focuses on technology‐based education and includes advanced study of architectural structure, architectural materials, structural mechanics, ferroconcrete, river structures, architectural environment, architectural facilities, and construction project management.
The purpose of the architectural engineering major is to produce, through advanced education and research, expert professionals who can acclimate quickly to practical work settings in businesses and research institutes. The curriculum includes a 4‐year process beginning with education in the fundamentals of architecture and uses this basic knowledge as the foundation for further training in a variety of advanced fields, focusing particularly on the cultivation of technological expertise.The architectural engineering department includes a faculty of 7 members and a total of 200 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.
To help ensure that students are equipped with a strong foundation in socially and industrially‐related knowledge, the major is managed in collaboration with the general graduate school, the graduate school of education, and the graduate school of engineering.
Graduates of the architectural engineering department enter both industry and research settings as advanced technicians and professional researchers.
Introduction The architecture major was established together with the engineering school and architectural engineering school in March 1979 with the establishment of Incheon University, and in 2010 was reorganized and expanded into the urban architecture major within the college of urban science.
The purpose of the architecture major is to develop highly qualified, practice‐oriented architects who can exhibit their talents in architectural enterprise and research following graduation. The architecture major cultivates advanced professionals with solid foundations in the technical areas of architecture planning, architecture design, architecture history, digital architecture, green architecture, and construction, as well as in the general fields of cultural studies, the humanities, and the social sciences.
The department consists of five faculty members, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral curriculums, and is producing highly qualified professionals in social and industrial settings through the graduate school of architecture and graduate school of education.
The department is focused on developing an internationally‐oriented curriculum which conforms to GATS standards, and is diversifying its educational process and opportunities for its graduates by emphasizing expertise in advanced technology and technical research.

Major of Architectural Engineering

The recent environmental change of the construction market caused us to move forward from the existing construction technologies. The business field is now requiring to have advanced construction technologies such as low energy consuming eco‐friendly architectural design technology for climate change, construction cost reduction and risk management technology by advanced construction management technique and earthquake and wind resistant design technology to prevent damage of human life and property.

By considering the environmental problems of the Earth, the design concept of sustainability considers environmental, economic and social effect synthetically. The design concept includes effective usage and recycling of limited resources, reduction of production of toxic substances for protection of environment, development and usage of alternative energy and provision of nature and human friendly environment.

The educational objective of the major of architectural engineering is to foster professional technicians with international level of knowledge, who can lead the construction business field that becomes highly advanced and specialized, through more professional education, enhancement of field‐study and cooperative research between industry and university.

Architectural engineers are responsible for designing much of the human facilities we use every day. Buildings and the environment around the buildings play an increasingly important role in our lives. The degree programs and leading research programs prepare students to have a well-designed and positive impact on the world around them. Undergraduate degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABEEK. The major's graduates leave the university as alumni prepared for success in their chosen profession.

The major has a vibrant faculty who are established or rising leaders in their field. The major of Architectural Engineering is always ready to step into new territory and provide the knowledge and skills needed for innovation for generations to come.


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