Dept. of Urban Policy and Administration

The Dept. of Urban Policy and Administration received its approval for the establishment in December 2009. The department aims to foster students to have extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in administration and management in order to produce experts specialized for the city of Incheon. The study of urban policy and administration is a practical and comprehensive social science that encourages theoretical research and applied administrative techniques for developing practical, comprehensive, and progressive administrative policies to respond to the diverse characteristics and problems of urbanization such as large‐scale urban transformations, different public services, regional growth and development, regional economy, housing, transportation, and environment.


Accordingly, we aim to cultivate practical knowledge in students in order to produce experts with comprehensive thinking ability and creativity as urban administrators who supervise and run the city. Moreover, our students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge from hands‐on experience and develop into excellent city professionals possessing outstanding skills of solving various urban problems. Graduates of the department enter graduate schools and national/local service as well as public and private enterprises, contributing to the qualitative development of urban administration that can improve the quality of life of Korean citizens.      
Educational Goals

The Dept. of Urban Policy and Administration has an objective of fostering professionals with professional knowledge related to urban environment and practical ability by helping students understand various social phenomenon such as urban economy, land and house problems, urban environment and transportation, public service problems and policy alternatives.

In the era of internationalization and informatization, a city goes beyond the boundary of a nation and a region. A city is the core of the rapid change and development of economy, politics, culture and society and the importance of the role is expected to be increased in the near future. A city will require to have more work‐force with professionalism related to urban administration. The students of the Department of Urban Policy and Administration will focus on research activities related to theories and techniques related to the organization of the city government and the supply system of the urban public services of Incheon Metropolitan City, change in demand in urban administration and real situation such as the urban development. By doing so, the department analyzes the urban problems synthetically and suggests solutions to contribute to the development of the city.