The Dept. of Japanese Education aims to nurture excellent secondary teachers with a strong understanding in teaching. For the era of globalization, information and multi‐cultures, we intend to contribute to the development of the society by producing experts in Japanese education and Japanese region who have fluency in Japanese, as well as upright personality and virtue. By helping students to perform their utmost abilities through intensive studies in groups of 15 students, individual guidance and overseas exchange programs, we focus on producing competent talents capable of responding actively to the future society.

Dept. of Japenese Language Education

Educational Goals
Nurture experts in Japanese language education and Japanese region with proper balance of intelligence, personality and virtue.
‐ Nurture Japanese language education experts with strong basic ability in Japanese by obtaining four functions
  (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of Japanese language.
‐ Nurture Japanese language education and Japanese region experts by providing education such as Japanese
  literature, Japanese teaching method and Japanese culture and circumstance in depth.
‐ Nurture self‐directed individuals of future society with creative and challenging personality by managing curriculum
  that can cope with the rapid change of the international environment.