The Dept. of English Language Education was established in 2011 with the best educational environment, curriculum and faculty to develop the potentials of each student. Through the intensive individual guidance in small groups, we will strive to foster talented English teachers and educational experts who possess the character of educator and required theoretical and practical knowledge.

Dept. of English Language Education

Educational Goals

The Dept. of English Language Education has an educational objective of producing high‐quality secondary school teachers who have a key part in effective English education. Our curriculum is based on basic courses, English courses and education courses that can improve English language capacity according to the education objectives. The curriculum includes courses such as English linguistics and English literature courses. In order for students to have qualification as capable English teachers, balanced number of courses are provided by native English professors to increase learning effect. English language education fits those with aptitude for and interest in foreign language who wish to work in fields of English education and related fields as education experts and scholars