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The students in the college of business administration will receive various scholarship from Incheon National University based on GPA or based on needed. The college of business administration has various scholarship opportunities for students.

 Scholarship Candidate

- Scholarship for license certification: Student who are in the college of business administration since 2016.09 till present. Students who have passed the first or second level of professional qualification such as CPA, CFA, FRM, Actuary (including USA), tax accountant, labor consultant, and customs (Includes students that are currently registered, leave of absence, and completed the course only)

According to the same conditions mentioned above, students who have already received scholarship from the college of business administration are exempted.

 Scholarship Payment

- Scale of Scholarship: $3,000

- Payment schedule: Immediately after approval (After confirming the certificate of acceptance)

- Payment criteria: Scholarship of $500 dollars

- Method of Payment: Deposit into student’s personal account

In addition, follow the link to find other various scholarship opportunity from Incheon National University