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Course Overview

·JA06047 | Principles of Economics

  This course introduces the theories of economics which is one of the fundamental subject in business administration. During the first semester, students will learn about the microeconomics which focuses on the resource allocation, law of demand and supply, and the theory of consumer producer and market structure. In the latter part, the students will focus on the macroeconomic which will address the issue of national economic dimension.

· JA06048 | Introduction to Accounting

  The introduction to accounting will cover the basic theory and logic of accounting. It will focus on the accounting process and methods for beginner levels. The students will also learn about understanding and utilizing the accounting data. This course is necessary for accounting majors, users of accounting information, and who engages in economic activities.

· JA06050 | Principles of Management

  This is an introductory course in management. The course will provide fundamental concepts and frameworks for formulating implementing and understanding management to provide basic frameworks for the actual world of business. While giving students some analytical approaches that are useful to widely different problems in the business world, the course will also enable students to develop an appreciation of management. The fundamental concepts in which this course will cover includes: basic roles, skills, and functions of management, theoretical aspects and practice application of managerial process, familiar with interactions between the environment, and the ethical dilemmas faced by managers and the social responsibilities of business.

·JA06051, JA06007 | Financial Accounting(1),(2)

  The course of financial accounting focuses on the producer side of accounting information rather than the user side of accounting information. The students will learn to understand about accounting techniques and logic based on various accounting standards such as Korea's accounting standards in order to develop and solve accounting problems appropriately in various situations.

·JA06049 | Commercial Law

  The course of commercial law will focus on relevant legal regulations and cases about the legal matters that companies encounter in a daily business activities

· JA06001 | Principles of Marketing

  The principles of marketing will focus on the fundamental theory and logic of marketing. It will also emphasize on the macro marketing level by covering the overall marketing and distribution system.

· 0003433 | Business Information Analysis

  The development of computers and other information technologies have rapidly transformed. Also, these kinds of changes have impacted our business activities and our daily lives. Therefore, the purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the role of information technology in business management and to understand computer architecture and learn to apply this technology to management.

·JA06003 | Managerial Economics

  This course focus on the microeconomics. It will discuss the area of: demand and supply theory, consumer and producer theory, and market structure theory. Also students will learn to apply their learnings into business management and strategy formulation.

· JA06005 | International Management

  This is an introductory course in international business. The course will provide students to help understand the different challenges business face when they operate in an international environment. It will also examine various cultural, political, and legal issues that impact international business activity. Furthermore, it will develop insight for students into the management implications of international business strategy and operations.

·JA06006 | Management Organization

  The purpose of this course is to study the activities of management organization efficiently. In order to efficiently to achieve the goal of management organization efficiently. Also, it is to develop and conduct academic research based on the activities of management members.


  The purpose of this course is to acquire the basic concepts related to design, operation and control of production systems and to analyze basic skills such as production planning, inventory management, quality control and basic analytic techniques for meeting the market requirements.

· JA06009 | Organization Behavior

  The course of organization behavior is to explain the theoretical and empirical backgrounds that explain human activities in groups and organizations. Also, it will analyze the environmental and structural interpersonal factors which influence behavior.

·JA06010 | Consumer Behavior Analysis

  The purpose of this class is to investigate consumer behaviors and purchasing behaviors. Furthermore, it will study about consumer's life structure, life consciousness, product selection, and decisions related to product purchase.

·JA06011 | Tax Accounting

  When you run a business, you will encounter to pay different kinds of taxes. Therefore, it is impossible to run a business without understanding these kinds of taxes. Thus, this course will analyze different kinds of taxes related to business management.

·0003434 | Operations Research

  The course will study about techniques for making scientific decision making through the method of mathematical model setting, linear programming method, queuing model, and simulation. Therefore, it will assess and examine to find the optimal problem solving solution with quantitative activities for the firm.

·JA06013 | Management Information

  Modern information technology has developed rapidly and it is now an important component in business. This course will cover the development process of this information technology, strategic utilization of enterprise management and future trends. The purpose of this course is to enable students to grasp the reality of information technology and to maximize the managerial use of information technology as a manager in the future.

·JA06014 | Financial Management

  The purpose of this course is to acquire basic theories and techniques related to the financial activities of the company. In particular, it will focus on financial statements, budget control, investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend policy.

·JA06015 | Business Statistics

  Students will learn about the business management analysis through statistical theory and method as the basis of management decision making. Also, students will learn the ability to apply inferential statistics using technical statistics of hypothesis testing, standard deviation, and probability theory.

·JA06016 | Advertising Management

  This course will study the scientific approaches for advertising planning, advertising media selection, advertising production, advertising management, and advertising effectiveness measurement.


  The course will examine how to maximize the ability of employers. Also, it will discuss about personnel issues such as: recruitment, training, transfer, promotion, wage and employee fraud.

·JA06018 | Cost Accounting

  Cost accounting is an intermediate course between financial accounting which is an area for external accounting information users, and management accounting, which is the domain for internal users. In other words, cost accounting deals with the calculation of cost information for making business decisions such as cost information for making financial statements, pricing, cost management, budgeting and control. The course will focus on the recognition of the cost data on measurement classifications and summary interpretation.

·JA06019 | Information System Analysis and Design

  The core idea of information systems is to analyze and build systems. The analysis and construction techniques of information systems have been rapidly developed and changed. Also, the automation techniques of user computing or CASE tools have become common in recent years. The purpose of this course is to organize the information strategy and analyze the corporate strategy through published theories and cases, and to present actual companies through project.

·JA06021 | International Banking

  The course is to analyze current and future situation of international financial market. It will study about operation technique of financial products such as international monetary system, structure and operation of foreign exchange market, futures option and swap transaction.

·JA06022 | Marketing Research

  It is a study on the measurement and forecasting method of all factors affecting the marketing activities of the company such as the general process of collecting and processing of market information, analyzing the owner, analyzing the demand and measuring the effect on sales promotion activities.


  This course will lectures on the historical background, basic character, collective bargaining, management participation, welfare of workers and wage problems.

·JA06024 | Management Accounting

  Management accounting is an internal reporting-oriented accounting system. It focuses on internal management planning and management control activities as an accounting field that collects, categorizes, summarizes, and analyzes various information. It helps management decision making and control activities and reports them to users. In this course, the underlying logic of the various techniques that firms use accounting data for planning and control are introduced.

·JA06025 | International Marketing

  This lecture introduces the theory, practice, role and importance of international marketing in an international economic society.

·0003436 | Business Database System Management

  The database can be said to constitute most of the enterprise information system. The technology of the database has been developed in various forms from the initial file structure to the recent object type database. The purpose of this course is to improve the understanding of database design and management by organizing the theories of each database, and by experiencing actual application examples of the company through project.

·JA06027 | Service Operations Management

  In order to create and provide services that satisfy customers, we study how service delivery systems should be designed and operated. To do this, we analyze how intrinsic goods are essentially different from the type of goods and how the desirable operating method of the service system differs from that of the manufacturing system.

·0002038 | Business Strategy

  This is an introductory course in strategic management. The course will provide fundamental concepts and frameworks for formulating and implementing strategy to create sustainable competitive advantages. The students will learn to understand the managerial process of formulating a detailed, actionable strategy for a firm which recognizes the needs of the industry environment, builds firm resources and capabilities to exploit them and accounts for organizational resistance to change.

·0002039 | Marketing Channel Management

  It deals with two topics: retail management and marketing path management. Retail management consists of location selection, store management, merchandising, price management, and promotion management which are required for successful retail management. In addition, the design of the distribution channels, the effective management of the relationships between distribution channels, and the evaluation of distribution route performance constitute the contents of marketing route management will be discussed in this course.

·JA06030 | Business Analysis

  The course will analyze the qualitative data of the financial statements. Also, it will discuss about improvements in management performance and financial condition.

·JA06031 | Electronic Commerce

  The development of information technology has made remarkable progress with the combination of communication and information processing technology. Especially, with the emergence of Client / Server and the spread of the Internet, the activities of enterprises have changed greatly. As this information technology plays a role as an enabler from a strategic perspective in corporate management, this course outlines various information and communication technologies that can be applied to management activities. Looking at the theories of commerce and CALS, it is aimed to broaden the viewpoint of management activity in the future.

·JA06033 | Auditing

  As credit society and international economic society arises, verifiable accounting information are demanded. Therefore, the corporation makes its own audit or requests the certified public accountant to verify the accounting information. In this course, students will learn about auditing procedures and techniques.

·JA06036 | Marketing Seminar

  The course will discuss important issues in the marketing field at the advanced level. The lessons are taught with the goal of cultivating concrete judgment skills assuming that student have a basic knowledge of marketing and have a realistic ability to make decisions about marketing issues such as: target market selection, product decision, pricing, promotion program decision, and distribution channel decision making.

·0002041 | Securities Market

  This course will study about the countermeasures against the opening of the capital market, study the economic function of the securities market, issues concerning the emerging market and the distribution market, and securities analysis and securities investment techniques.

·0003435 | Venture

  This course will help students to learn about motivation and decision process of business start-up, development and evaluation of business idea, analysis of business feasibility, factors of success and failure of start-up, start-up support system and policy.

·JA06043 | Accounting Information System

  In modern society, accounting by hand has become a distant story. At present, accounting is entirely based on computer-assistance in producing and using accounting information. In this course, we will discuss how to produce and use accounting information through computers.

·JA06044 | Investment

  The course will focus on the basic theory and techniques in investment such as investment psychology analysis of investors required for securities investment, selection theory of securities, analysis of corporate investment funds, and investment policy.

·0002043 | e-Business Theory

  Currently, e-business has rapidly affected the current business environment. Therefore, this course is to identify e-business theories and cases for creating new value by identifying new opportunities and threats of companies in relation to e-business.

·JA06052 | Financial Derivatives

  As the volatility of financial assets increases due to the liberalization of domestic financials, derivatives such as futures, options, and swaps, which are hedging instruments of risk, are increasing in the capital market. This course is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the market structure of derivatives, basic valuation, and financial risk management using derivatives.


  The students will study about supply chain management which is recognized as a source of competitiveness of modern enterprise. The course will focus on product planning, individual procurement processes for raw materials and components, product manufacturing processes, distribution of finished products, marketing and consumer service supply chain activities, and overall coordination and integration.

·0003439 | Microfinance in Theory and Practice

  This course provides an overview of the theoretical and practical realities of microfinance and the controversies and challenges that are currently taking place in this field. We will explore and analyze key issues associated with microfinance by introducing microfinance institutions, goods and services, and major disputes of the structure of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

·0003446 | ASEAN Management

  This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic situation and economic policies of the ASEAN region which is composed of emerging countries. It will also discuss about market expansion and management strategies for Korean companies seeking to enter these regions.

·0003447 | (Management Consulting

  In this course, students will learn about consulting knowledge and methods for problem solving in SME management and enterprise management. In addition, the students will learn the theoretical and practical contents to develop IT and various abilities for management consulting.


  In recent years, information has progressed and information integration has become necessary. This corporate information system has all the functions in the enterprise. When it is converted from the existing business to the integrated business, a new type of analysis method and design method are required. The course aims to educate on design tools and necessary analysis of companies for ERP construction.

·0003442 | Information and Communication Industry

  In this course, we will learn about the industrial structure and value chain of various IT areas such as broadcasting, contents, telecommunication and information equipment industry are structured and how the new management paradigm is changing. In addition, this course examines business models, strategies and organizational structure of companies in the IT industry through case studies.

·0003450 | International Business Environments

  An objective, rational and flexible approach will be used to learn about the changing global business environment. It will examine how various environmental factors such as politics, economy, culture, environment, technology, commerce, strategy, financial, and environment affect the global activities for companies at home and abroad.

·0003448 | Tourism Management and Administration

  In this course, basic concepts and definitions of tourism, development process, different kinds of tourism business, tourism business and marketing, tourism policy and administration, tourism development, international tourism, and future of tourism will be systematically learned. In addition, students will learn fundamental principles of tourism management and study about efficient tourism management techniques.

·0003449 | Welfare Management

  Welfare Management is to effectively manage human. Also, the managers have to effectively manage social welfare, medical care, education, sports, crime, women, and children. Therefore, welfare management is a discipline that manages and access to the welfare sector. This course emphasizes the management of policy welfare administration in the welfare sector and the management of individual institutions efficiently. Within the era of low fertility and aging in the future, the interest in human life and happiness will increase. Therefore, the need for welfare management studies will become more popular.

·0003444 | Theory of Multinational Corporation

  This course focuses on the differences in management methods of multinational corporations due to cultural differences between countries. The course will compare various cultural models of corporate management and apply these models to various countries. Through this, students will understand the universality and specificity of various management systems and examine the possibility of transferring management system such as leadership, decision pattern, and incentive to other cultures.

· 0003443 | Management Information Strategy

  The course will look at how information technology has become a core resource for corporate management and basis for creating value for the company. Based on understanding of the various functions and processes of management and information technology, students will learn how to manage change in information process.