School of Fine Arts

 Career opportunities after graduation
Graduates from the School of Fine Arts can work in various fields after graduation. They can study more profound subjects by entering graduate school and choose from more variety of profession to become an artist, critic, art director, curator, stage designer and art therapist.


 Mid and long‐term development plans
After the move to a new campus at Songdo, the School of Fine Arts implements art education at the laboratory with the best educational environment and best equipment and will develop into a department where professionals who lead the era by being distinguished in various artistic fields are fostered.
First, by systematizing the curriculum and managing differentiated system, the department fosters artists and professionals with high creativity and expressive power. The department produces outstanding students with international competitiveness and these students will be the resources that are appraised in the international stage. Recently, to respond to the demand on the field of art, related majors are providing curriculum that is provided by the academy and the industry cooperatively to produce differentiated students. With the improvement of workability of students, this will result in synergetic revelation. Also, by establishing close relationships with famous foreign art universities, the department is trying to expand the scope of activity by vitalizing international exchange through cooperative contests and exchange student program. The department will also continue to change and develop the local cultural business and academic research business by enhancing 'INU molding research center.' This will not only enhance the size of the research center but also establish strong base in local cultural art to improve the status of INU.