School of Fine Arts

With INU's transfer from the engineering school to the college on October 2, 1980 and the subsequent approval for the establishment of the Division of Fine Arts, the Dept. of Arts (Korean Painting, Western Painting and Design) received its first students in 1981.

With the university’s unification with Incheon Technological College in 2010, the Division was reorganized consisting of the major of Korean Painting and the major of Western Painting.

Educational Goals

Korean Painting Major
- The goal of the Korean painting department is to cultivate artists who can lead the creation of a new culture in Korean painting, strengthen Korea's status in the sphere of art and painting, and drive a new and modern concept in traditional Korean painting through thorough and supportive theoretical education.

Western Painting Major
‐ Cultivate professionals with a balanced foundation in artistic education who, through individual originality and creativity, can encourage and develop distinctive identity in Korean culture.