Department of Economics

As evidenced by our reference to modern society as being an Industrial society, social organizations or constituents which do not conduct economic activities are very rare. As a result, knowledge in economics is a condition in all social sectors. Graduates of the Department of Economics have been contributing to the advancement of society by entering in a variety of fields and sectors.
Graduates most frequently become leaders in corporations (banks, securities, insurance, real estate, distribution. Service, production, IT), public sectors (central and regional governments, public corporations, chamber of commerce and industry), research and educational institutes (national research centers, corporate R&D centers, universities, global banks), press and social sectors. Specifically, graduates have become venture company CEOs, investment and credit analysts, fund managers, HR and labor specialists, IT consultants, currency analysts, professors, lawyers, teachers, researchers, economic journalists, and public officials. At the same time, many graduates also have become accountants, appraisers, and tax accountants.