Department of Economics

The Department of Economics here at the University of Incheon takes pride for being the center of Korean economics with countless graduates going on to become business leaders at the forefront of modernization of Korea.
With an outstanding faculty and excellent students from every part of the country taking responsibility for the future of Korea, the Department of Economics at the University of Incheon is on par with the best global programs in termsof history, tradition, education andre search capabilities. The Department is on a fasttrack to become one of the best program softhe world      
 Educational Goals

The University of Incheon Department of Economics systematically analyzes complex economic issues in modern society.
At the same time, the Department provides specialized educational curriculums by complementing such studies with Social Sciences, such as History, Philosophy, and Literature. Our objective is to cultivate leaders within the industrial, financial and economic fields.
By combining theoretical and practical studies, our Department endeavors to cultivate outstanding leaders who will contribute to the advancement of mankind.