Career opportunities after graduation
Whereas in the past, it had been customary for students majoring in law to prepare for law exams or civil service exams, the introduction of the law school and the discontinuation of the current law exam system after 2016 have created a new paradigm. Thereafter, only students graduating from law schools will be eligible to work as legal professionals. Such changes in paradigm are directly connected to the career tracks for students and the resolution of such problems is currently in dire need.
Even within such changes in paradigm, the study of law continues to receive the spotlight as an attractive field of study. Within Law, career tracks can be seen in largely two directions. First is to enter Law School and continue professional legal studies. Students can enter the Law School graduate program to become legal professionals, or enter graduate schools in areas in which a foundation in law can be useful, such as Business Administration, Economics, Public Administration, or Social Services. Such students may also find employment in R&D centers, administrative and public organizations. 
Second is to seek employment upon graduation. With regards to employment, graduates can acquire professional certifications for

Dept. of Law