Dept. of Mass Communication

 Career opportunities after graduation

The students are working actively in various media fields after graduation. Currently, many graduates are working in relative fields such as press, magazine publishers, broadcasting companies, advertising agencies and film production. It is possible to work in related research centers or in academic societies.


 Mid and long‐term development plans

 Development of internationally connected program

‐ Development of internationally connected program for Northeast Asian media characterization

  Expansion of the Number of English Lectures

‐ Expansion of the number of English lectures provided by employing native English professors

  Operation of Media Information Education Center

‐ Promotion of reinforcement of Incheon regional community’s informatization through media education and healthy 
  development of press

- Reinforcement of employment education through vitalization of internship system

‐ Agreement and operation of internship with press, advertising agencies and film production
‐ Promoting employment of students by connecting with internship system