Dept. of Political Science & International Studies 

The Dept. of Political Science & International Studies here at INU was established on October 20, 1981 after being approved for 30 students by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. The Dept. of Political Sciences and International Studies endeavors to contribute to the peace and advancement of human civilization by conducting research on political phenomenon occurring ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of our country. The Dept. of Political Science and International Studies here at our university is focused on cultivating creative and independent democratic leaders as well as specialists of Northeast Asia. The education and research domains of the Dept. of Political Science and International Studies are comprised mainly of Political Science and International Studies. Furthermore, specialties include Political Thought, Korean Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Politics. 


The program of the early year consists of education on theories of the above‐mentioned field, and in the later year, the program focuses on in‐depth education of theories and on curriculums concentrating on Northeast Asia.   The Dept. of Northeast Asia was established in 2009 as a joint‐major with related departments of the college of humanities and the college of Northeast Asian economy and commerce. Such establishment is expected to largely contribute to the formation of experts and global leaders in Northeast Asia.
Education Goals
The Dept. of Political Sciences and International Studies has an educational objective of fostering leaders and experts in accordance with the department’s educational ideology – the department contributes to the nation and human society by fostering democratic, independent and creative leaders and experts who will lead democratic civil society. 

Especially, the department is focusing on producing experts in Northeast Asia and capable leaders of local community by specializing in the curriculum that focuses on Northeast Asia and leader training.