Dept. of Public Administration  

Career Opportunities after graduation

Students graduated from the Department of Public Administration work as professors and researchers in universities and research centers, public officials by taking national examination such as the Foreign Service Examination and Civil Service Examination, in public enterprises and financial institutions such as banks, as politicians and in ordinary business enterprises and civic groups.

Mid and long-term development plans

The department opens related courses and encourages academic activities of students to cultivate ability to implement scientific analysis and evaluation on general domestic social phenomenon and national development. 

- The department encourages joint lectures with related organization (self‐governing body, public institution,
  civic group, etc.), practical training or internship in order to link the public administration major to real work.


- By developing the approaching method and domain in order to obtain and implement the characterization strategy for 
  obtaining competitiveness, the department becomes closer to the vision of Incheon National University, globalization 
  characterization. Also, the department actively responds to fostering global leaders with international
  competitiveness by providing mixture of English and major courses and by reinforcing education.