Dept. of Public Administration    

The Dept. of Public Administration was established with a founding class of 51 students in 1981, a year after INU converted from a Technological Institute into a University on October 2, 1980. The Dept. of Public Administration not only studies and researches organizational issues within public office or organizations, but also investigates on how government employees resolve various public issues in relation to civil society.

Based on a foundation in public administration, the Dept. of Public Administration not only conducts research on public personnel administration, pubic organizations, and finance administration, but also investigates ways to reflect various social demands to improve various domains of public administration, such as policy science, e‐government, city and regional public administration, public management, government regulations, administrative philosophy, administrative history, comparative public administration, and public welfare administration.
Recently, trends towards expanded range of activities within public administration have been reflected in our curriculums to cover areas such as government innovation, civilian society, regional development, public environmental administration and public cultural administration. Together with the major courses as described above, students participate in several related fields of study, such as research methodology, economics, politics, and law. By studying a wide range of fields, the Department endeavors to develop students into professionals by instilling an academic foundation in public administration and related areas. Through this, the department aims to cultivate global leaders of public administration capable of skilled probl
Educational Goals
em solving and leadership who will serve regional society and citizens.
The Dept. of Public Administration has its educational objective of fostering public officials with outstanding capabilities and globally recognized individuals with foreign language capability and international sense. Public administration performs scientific researches on public problems including not only internal administrative problems but also the relationship with civil society. Public administration performs researches not only on various methods of government operation but also on policy procedure to solve public affairs. Intensive education on ability to manage, public affair solving ability and leadership is given with the basic understanding of public administration.