Dept. of Consumer & Child Studies

❍ Department Introduction
The Department of Consumer Science had been developed in order to emphasize the importance of the interest and role of consumers as economic entities when the economy has shifted from a producer-centered to a consumer-centered. The Department of Consumer Science aims to contribute to the improvement of consumer sovereignty and consumer welfare by actively addressing consumer-related trends that arise in diversified economic societies.

Consumer science is a interdisciplinary and integrated because of dealing with practical and realistic subjects toward actual market. To that end, the Department of Consumer Science offers a specialized curriculum, drawn from various fields, that addresses ways to enhance consumer lifestyles and illuminate consumer-related trends in light of social and psychological factors of the behavior and rational decision-making processes of consumers. Students who major in consumer science will develop knowledge of rational choice and consumer welfare, as well as the ability to manage resources efficiently and improve consumer environments. Such students will also develop competencies in areas such as customer management, experience design, consumer satisfaction, and product development by engaging with curriculum related to consumer psychology and behavior analysis.

The qualifications associated with the consumer studies are Consumer Professional Counselor, Credit Counselor, and Distribution Manager as national certifications, but also include Specialist of Consumer Affairs, AFPK, CFP, and Consumer Trend Expert while studying in the department.