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Dept. of Chinese Language & Cultural Studies


The Dept. of Chinese Language & Cultural Studies fosters competent experts demanded by the globalization era based on the curriculum that focuses on understanding of Chinese language, philosophy, society, politics and economy.
Also, if the graduates from the department have a practical command of Chinese language and knowledge and insights
on the overall Chinese culture, chance of having various career paths is expected to be high due to regional
proximity to and active cultural and business exchange with China. The graduates can distinguish themselves in the following profession.

Graduates can enter nations in China region with their practical language ability and precise information on corresponding region. With wide knowledge and sense of Chinese society, politics and economy, they can also enter work fields including trade business, small‐medium sized manufacturing firms, IT, Korea Creative Content Agency, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, KOTRA, Korea International Trade Association, hotels, tour agencies, airlines, publishers, alien companies, trade agents of Chinese trade, local Chinese manufacturing firms and venture firms.