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- Understand the matters related to China including the language, history, philosophy, politics and economy and
   cultivate the ability to work in fields related to China.

- Foster individuals with open and creative thoughts who satisfy the demand of the 21st century’s international society.

- Foster experts in matters related to China who are with cultural and regional knowledge and international perspective
  and who contribute to and who are demanded by today’s society.

Dept. of Chinese Language & Cultural Studies

Newly established in 2002, the department has the purpose of training experts on China through systematic education of general areas of China such as language, history, philosophy, society, politics, economy etc. The education focuses particularly on the understanding of culture in general that forms the Chinese society.
In addition, we strive to trigger and animate a full-scale study on China in Incheon, the closest city to China, and contribute to national and local development by providing comprehensive information on China along with related majors such as Chinese commerce in the College of Northeast Asian Commerce.
Educational Goals