Dept. of Korean Language & Literature


With interdisciplinary study of East Asia, research of regionalism based on Incheon and organization of assets of our past, the department has started a specialization project for the college of humanities since 2005 including exploration activities of local culture and language which are the basis of new creation and development of teaching materials for reorganization of the department. The department is putting efforts cultivating leaders of the cultural industry, which will become the driving force of 21st century Northeast Asia.

Such series of activities will become the basis of achieving potential and possibility of once static and standardized Korean language and literature becoming blended into other majors. The academic focuses that the department must pay attention are as follows.

1. Meeting with the culture of Korean literature and language department

2. Diachronic communication of the past, present and future

3. Synchronic communication in multicultural and multimedia society

The department expects development to be achieved by overcoming the static curriculum that can be seen in the existing mono‐subject and hardening foundation of cross‐departmental researches.