Dept. of Korean Language & Literature

The Dept. of Korean Language and Literature received its first students in 1981 a year after the INU converted from Incheon Technological College into university status on October 2, 1980.
As of 2012, we have over 800 students graduated and over 120 students enrolled.


The educational and research domains of the Dept. of Korean Language and Literature are divided into Korean language and Korean literature. In the study of Korean language, students are educated on the Korean language in general including the use of spoken and written language, and the history of orthography from antiquity to today.


The curriculum is divided into classical Korean literature and modern Korean literature. In modern Korean literature, students study various genres of literature produced today such as poetry, novel, criticism, essays, etc. In addition, the department studies and educates the field of teaching in order to cultivate teachers. The program includes theory of subject matter education, study of teaching materials, teaching method etc.

As stated above, the department aims at training talents capable of creating a new culture based on the tradition of national cultures by educating our students on Korean language, Korean literature and other detail subjects.

We plan to go beyond the fixed frame of the existing traditional system of unitary department and make progresses that relate to the development of the university by establishing the basis of interdisciplinary research.

Accordingly, with interdisciplinary study of East Asia, research of regionalism based on Incheon and organization of assets of our past, the department has started a specialization project for the college of humanities since 2005 that includes regional exploration activities, development of teaching materials for reorganization of the department etc. Based on such new creations, the department aims to cultivate leaders of the cultural industry, which will become a focus within Northeast Asia in the 21st century. Such innovative acts will develop the study of Korean language and literature from fixed and standard curriculum of the past into programs allowing students to fully reach their potential.

Based on such a foundation, the academic focuses of the department are as follows. ① ‘A Meeting of Korean Literature and Culture’, ② ‘Communication with the past, present and future’, ③ ‘Communication within a multicultural, multimedia centered society’. Specifically, continued education and research for the above-mentioned three points will be conducted through curriculums such as “Mankind and Linguistic Culture”, “Korean Language and Traditional Culture” (①),

“The Present and Future of Classic Korean Literature

Educational Goals

”, “Study of Dialects and Practical Korean” (②), “Culture and Nature”, “Festive Culture of Incheon”, “Linguistic Geography and Culture of Incheon”, “Novels and Movies”, “Ko

The Dept. of Korean Language and Literature
puts Korean language and Korean literature and other detail subjects into the domain of education and research to succeed the tradition of national culture and to produce capable individuals who can create new culture based on it.

rea-China Poetic Literature”, “Theories and Practices of Classic Korean Literary Contents” (③). Through such curriculums, the Department expects to contribute to the growth of the division, further advance research and facilitate the development of the university by overcoming single-sided academic system characteristic of the past.