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 Marine Science

Natural Science Division, Graduate School of INU
Master and Doctorate Programs
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The Department of Marine Science was established in 2012, and currently has enviable 7 tenure-track faculties with research strength in both marine biology and chemistry. We offer Master and Ph.D. degrees on the topics of environmental science, marine pollution, marine biotechnology and toxicology, biogeochemical cycles, interactions between oceans and the atmosphere, aquaculture and ecosystem health and functioning. Our significant ongoing research and highly qualified education are characterized by multidisciplinary research from the adjacent Yellow Sea to the remote Polar oceans and will be soon expanded to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. To achieve our mission fostering research professional and advancing marine sciences, we conduct field surveys, laboratory experiments and modeling. Graduate students are actively involved in these research activities to fulfill his/her academic goals. Our research teams also work closely with national (or public) research institutes including Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) and so on. In addition, given the importance of international collaboration in the field of marine science, we try to provide joint degree system through the association with foreign universities.


The mission of our department is to nurture professionals in marine science who are competent, creative and promising for the future society of the 21st century, and to advance the fields of marine science through excellence in research with particular focus on changing ocean environment and its consequence for human and other ecosystem members.


The research areas of our department span a broad spectrum of collaborative interdisciplinary research field and training systems. For prospective undergraduate students, our department provides specialized seven main fields within the marine science major as follows.

교수 명단
NamePositionAcademic AreaE-mail
Taejun Han ProfessorMarine Biology, Aquatic Toxicology, Algal Ecophysiology hanalgae@inu.ac.kr
Seung-Kyu Kim Assistant ProfessorMarine Chemistry / Marine Environmental Chemistry skkim@incheon.ac.kr
Youn-Jung Kim Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental and Health Risk Assessment, Molecular and Cellular Toxicology duckyj@inu.ac.kr
Jae-Sung Rhee Assistant ProfessorMarine Omics/Marine Molecular and Environmental Science jsrhee@inu.ac.kr
Il-Nam Kim Assistant ProfessorOcean Biogeochemistry ilnamkim@inu.ac.kr
Jang Kyun Kim Assistant ProfessorMarine Ecology, Seaweed Aquaculture, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture jang.kim@inu.ac.kr


(1) Only single major (marine science) is allowed.
(2) Registration should be preapproved by the department chair or his/her academic supervisor.


Prof. Kim, Seung-Kyu (Department Chair)
Phone: +82-32-835-8862, Fax: +82-32-835-0806
E-mail: skkim@inu.ac.kr
Address: Rm. 442, Building 5, Department of Marine Science, College of Natural Sciences, Incheon National University, 119 Academy-ro, Yonsu-gu, 22012, Incheon, Korea

Ms. Lee, Hyejin (Academic Affairs and Administration)
Phone: +82-32-835-8860, Fax: +82-32-835-0806
E-mail: hyejin@inu.ac.kr
Address: Rm. 546, Building 5, Department of Marine Science, College of Natural Sciences, Incheon National University, 119 Academy-ro, Yonsu-gu, 22012, Incheon, Korea